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Keep personal ideology out of Warhammer 40k

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With any form of entertainment, there are those who play it to escape reality and to have fun.  Lately there has been a movement to push for "better representation" and "diversity" into the Warhammer 40k lore and models.  This petition is in no way intended to be an attack on those values but rather to keep the ideology from being injected into the Warhammer universe at the cost of the lore and story itself.

Those who sign this petition agree that anyone is welcome at the gaming table regardless of gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation.  However, you also disagree with those that wish to push their ideology into the game lore or rules there of.  We want an open gaming environment that does not shun others for their personal beliefs or political stance that has nothing do to with the game itself.  A general respect of other is all that is needed in this regard.

The setting itself is a very dark and hateful place filled with war, death, and destruction.  We want to preserve the foundation of that setting and not see modern political and activist movements shoved into the lore itself.  We feel doing so will hurt the setting and brand.  As an example; Marvel comics attempted to do this very thing.  Over the last few years they have had a huge decline in sales and this is not a good path for Warhammer 40k to go down.

We the players of Warhammer 40k just want Games Workshop to change nothing when it comes to the lore and models in this regard.  Instead just stand your ground and point to existing examples that are already part of the lore when the topic of diversity and representation come up.  In fact all real world ideology needs to be checked at the door.  We feel it is a place to escape reality and have fun; not a battle ground for cultural movements.

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