Games Workshop to transfer all Citadel Paints to dropper bottles

Games Workshop to transfer all Citadel Paints to dropper bottles

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FauxHammer started this petition to Games Workshop (CEO)

For years Games Workshop has insisted on releasing their paints in pots. Initially, these were the standard pots made by HMG paints. From there they created a unique hexagonal pot with a flip cap. Then came the bolter shell with a screw cap, the facelifted bolter shell with a flip cap and now these new squat pots.

There are numerous issues plaguing this style of container.

Almost all other manufacturers have adopted a dropper bottle for their paints which have the following benefits;

  • The paints will last longer
    • A dropper bottle is much more airtight than a Games Workshop pot. Also, when opening a Games Workshop pot, the paint runs into the lid crease. Over time this builds up to the point you are unable to close it. Or you need to messily scrape the excess out of the crease
  • You can easily control how much you put on a palette
    • Sure, you can get some control with your small brushes, but the main thing is you can add paint drop-by-drop and you don’t need to wash off a brush afterwards, keeping you water pot a bit clearer.
  • You can measure mixes more accurately by drops
    • How many times do you see 4:1 ratio of X paint to Y paint? Easy now, 4 drops of one and 1 drop of the other. You can even add water to a bottle to get accurate paint to water ratios.
  • You can save space
    • Ok, so the volume of paint is pretty much the same, and the bottles are technically larger (15ml over 12ml). But the diameter of the base is much smaller on the bottles. If you have only one flat surface to store paints on you can get many many more bottles than Games Workshop pots.
  • You can replace the lid and spout
    • These things aren’t perfect and may eventually get clogged. But you can easily pop off a spout and/or replace the lid if it is getting too thick with paint. Or, just try to remember to wipe the excess off the spout before you put the lid back on.
  • They look tidier
    • Ok, so this point is more of an opinion than a fact. There’s something about the bottles that just make them look a whole lot tidier than the Games Workshop Pots.
  • You will save more paint
    • There is so much paint you can lose by having it dry out in the pot. My paints have been in bottles for 5 years now and are still nice and fluid.
  • Adding an agitator to a bottle is better than the Games Workshop pots
    • Sure you can add an agitator to the Games Workshop pots. But because the neck of the pot is a smaller diameter than the base, when you shake the pot your agitator will not get into the corners. With a bottle, the sides are parallel and the base is a smaller surface area, chances are your agitator will have more likelihood of striking settled paint and getting it to flow again.
  • No more spillages
    • if you tip over a dropper bottle it will let put a couple of drops rather than ruin your whole desk and you lose the whole pot worth of paint.

I run a website which holds the number one spot on Google for transferring paints to dropper bottles. This generates over 100 views to my website every day which I am more than happy to sacrifice if we can just fix this problem at the source.

We below, the fans of Games Workshop's Citadel Colour range of paint, hereby ask Games Workshop to re-release their entire paint line in dropper bottles. We don't care if they look like Bolt Gun Shells, are hexagonal, or whatever GW need to do to make them unique, so long as they are dropper bottles. So they have a lid which stops the paint drying out, a spout and they are squeezable. If you could drop a couple of agitator beards in there too that would be a bonus.

Join with me brothers, be heard. we know that they are at least responding (humorously) to online memes and movements. The least we want from this is a response from Games Workshop. If we reach 500,000 signatures, I will deliver this to Games Workshop head office myself (because it's 20 minutes from my house)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
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