Games Workshop, tell PETA where to go!

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Dear Games Workshop

As fans of almost everything you have done for many years now, we implore you to; if not simply tell PETA to "Get fugged!", then please ignore their pathetic attempts to meddle with our much loved Warhammer.

The unfathomable depths of their insatiable compulsion to meddle in the affairs of others now reaches a new low; as they cast their irksome attentions on the towering threat of 1" tall plastic figurines, some of which are adorned in miniature representations of beast pelts.

Obviously GW do not need to be educated as to why a warrior from a feral world in the fictional universe of the 40,000th millennium would adorn themselves in such a pelt, but it does beg the question why do PETA think that their perspectives on wearing the pelts of ferocious and hostile alien beasts are relevant in the real world of the present, or indeed in their projections for the real world of the 40,000th millennium.

Despite the fact that there are likely many thousands of depictions of Warhammer characters draped in the pelts of savage beasts which they have slain, I doubt that there is even one case where a Warhammer fan has stopped mid base coat, and bolted out the door of their bedroom, armed with nothing but a pair of sprue cutters and a loin cloth; in an attempt to emulate this.

Not only does this give some perspective, but it renders the delusional bothering of these completely out of touch, self-proclaimed Social Justice Warriors; to nothing more than the irrelevant folly of idle minds.

Warhammer players are not cruel people, and it is not only exacerbating, but insulting that Social Justice organisations like PETA are now attempting to breach the sanctity of the gaming and painting tabletop, where the most dangerous thing that thing that can happen is for a figure to succumb to wobbly model syndrome!

We know that it is unlikely that you will succumb to their demands, but we once again implore you to support your fans, and take a stance against these interlopers.

To protect our Warhammer, and dismiss their pathetic meddling.

To draw a line, stand behind it, and promulgate that there are some lines which simply must not be crossed!


The Devoted Warhammer Community


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