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Games workshop stop putting Slaanesh in a corner, give the God of love some love!

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In the past few years Games Workshop has given lots of love to all the chaos gods, except the youngest, the prince(ss) of pleasure, the Lord(Lady) of love, the dame(duke) of decadence herself (himself?) Slaanesh.

I feel like this is Games Workshop trying to be G rated, there's plenty of other stuff that is far from G rated, guts hanging out, bodies everywhere, blood and gore galore but they're afraid to show a little skin? 

I'm not saying slaanesh requires nudity, far from it, they don't need to be nude, just tastefully slaanesh pleasing. 

New noise marines for the emperors children, a new greater daemon(everyone else has a massive one why not the youngest of the gods?), new fiends, a new sonic tank?(khorne Got a giant daemon engine, nurgle got the blight tank thing).

Slaanesh and the Emperors children still have a massive following, but Games Workshop all but ignores them as if they are trying to give them the 'squat treatment' please don't do this Games Workshop as slaanesh was, is and will probably always be one of my favourite lore points of the entire 40k range. I'm sure I'm not alone in this

Let's bring the metal back to 40k, turn it up to 11 and let the God of metal, love, pain and pleasure make a comeback in a big way.


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