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Some More Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

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We know you cannot do without your daily fix of a few hours of Clash of Clans. This game can really hook you and leave you dazed. Even the frustrating bits are fun! Finding resources such as elixir and dark elixir, and also gold, is quite an arduous process, but a true lover of the game enjoys that too. The most difficult aspect perhaps is to get hold of gems, but there are several clash of clans triche gemme methods that you could use to get them too. The truth is that if you know your way around this game, it could be one of the best games that will probably make you soon uninstall all other games from your cellphone so that you could have space for only this one.

There are many tips and tricks put up everywhere on the Internet by players. Most of these tips are discovered by the players themselves and they now share them with their peers from all over the world. We put up a few of the most popular ones here. Try to use them too, and have a good time playing this great game.

Fortify Your Town

Many newbies who start with Clash of Clans simply forget to fortify their town. When attacking other towns, it is quite easy to understand that your own town is vulnerable to attack as well. That is all the more reason why you need to start protecting your town from the outset.

The first thing you have to do is to start building as many fortifications as possible, which means walls. Build walls to protect your town, and make it as inaccessible to raids and attacks as possible. When you do that, ensure that your walls go all around, i.e. there are no open gaps between them. These can be vulnerable spots from where the enemy could attack you.

The next thing to do is to add cannons and watchtowers within the periphery, just where the enemy could attack you. Again, build as many of them as you can, and keep upgrading them too. The upgrades will enhance their attacks, which will prove useful if any enemy launches an attack over your town.

One way to make your town heavily fortified is to build small section bounded by walls and placing everything within them. Then, the enemies will have to first break through the walls to reach at the structure within, which will buy more time for your cannons and watchtowers to mow down the attackers. Always remember to keep strengthening your attack weapons by employing upgrades. You will need gems to do that, otherwise it could take a lot of time.

Protect the Important Structures

The important structures of your town include the town hall, the clan castle, and the reserves of gold, elixir, and dark elixir. You have to protect them the most. Remember that even if you win a battle, whatever the plunderers have looted from your town will not be returned. Hence, you should build a strong barricade around these important structures. Put them in a wall boundary so that the enemies would find it more difficult to attack them.

You can also use other structures to build barricades around these important structures so that the enemies won’t be able to easily reach to the defense units and your troops will get a longer time to fight them back.

Choose Your Targets to Attack

When you plan an attack on a town, you could do a few things to ensure a victory. The first thing to do is to select the right troops. Select the right balance between barbarians and archers, and if the town is extremely tough to conquer, then use heroes such as the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. More troops and heroes become available as you move ahead with the game.

When you are dropping your troops onto the town you plan to attack, the first thing that you should do is to look at the level their town hall is at. Now, here you have to strike a balance. If the level of the town hall is much lower than yours, it will be easy to conquer it, but the spoils you will get will be quite low. On the other hand, if you pick a town whose level is much higher than yours, it could be a herculean task to vanquish it, but you will get a lot of goodies. So, do a little research and choose a town that will give you resources as well as positive trophy points.

Remember that every troop has its own strengths. Barbarians, for instance, are very good at breaking down the walls. Archers are good at long range battles, and so they can be used to pull down cannons. Giants can be used to take down watchtowers and other similar long range defense structures. If you add goblins, then they will directly go for the places where the resources are stored.

Hence, if you make a proper mix of your battalion, you will be able to pull down all the fortifications and get a victory too. Also, the most important things, the resources, will be easier to get if you have chosen your attack team properly.

Be careful also when you are deploying your troops. Place them on the places that matter the most. For example, place the barbarians near the walls and the archers near the cannons. That way you will reduce the time taken by these troops to reach their targets and that would enhance the total effectiveness of the attack.

One of the bigger challenges in these battles is that you cannot decide which troop attacks which structure. All you can do is choose the troop and place it in the right spot. If a barbarian is placed near a wall, that is a very good idea, but if you place them near a building, that might not help as much. You have to break down the wall first. But, if it is a mortar wall, even a barbarian won’t be able to break it down easily. For that, you will need someone stronger like a giant. Decide on which troops you want to use and then place them in the right spots so that you can optimize them and lead your clan to victory.

Use Your Clans Effectively

When you have reached a particular level in your game, you will be able to create clans and attack newer towns with multiplayer combat. That’s the real fun of Clash of Clans actually. So, use all kinds of Clash of Clans gem cheat and tricks as you want, but get as many gems as possible and build up your teams. Once you have made your association with your fighting buddies, there is very little chance that you will lose a battle. You could use your friends to call in troops, ask their assistance in battle, and even carry out coordinated attacks. In such a situation, the loot will be divided among all who participate, but everyone stands a chance to win a little more.

But, remember that this is a give-and-take affair. If you take help from others, then you will be expected to help them as well. However, that’s the whole fun of the game. When you can get together and defeat other armies, that gives you an indescribable high.

There’s one more advantage of such multiplayer tactics. In your clan, there will be some people who are more experienced than you are. They will probably be experts at the game and they could teach you a trick or two. They will know the exact sweet spots where the attacks have to be launched to maximize their victories in terms of trophy points and resources. It is such competitive team play that makes Clash of Clans such an addictive game for people of all ages.

Of course, when implementing all these strategies mentioned above, you need to keep a careful watch over the resources. You must ensure that you have enough of the stuff to plan your upgrades and make your constructions. If you would like to speed up the process, then you could either buy gems for real money or use some Clash of Clans gem cheats that are freely available on the Internet. Most of these cheats are actually proven strategies that could help you to do better at the game. Also, if you plan your things well, you would never have to pay a single penny for buying a gem. It’s all about how careful you are with your resources.

So, go right ahead and implement these tips to make your Clash of Clans gameplay better. But, be warned — this game is a global hit with several million users from across the planet. It has been reviewed as highly addictive. The game can soon become a habit and a part of your daily life. But who’s complaining? Such healthy entertainment is always quite welcome.

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