Stop increasing key/tire refill time in events in Asphalt 8!

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Gameloft has increased the normal key restoration time of 3 hours to 4.5 hours in Maserati Alfieri R&D, and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS R&D, whose key restoration time was 3 hours when it started for the first time. With a 4.5 hours key restoration time, one can only play 4 times a day, while with a 3 hours restoration, one can use 6 more keys. The Maserati R&D was easy, but if a hard R&D is out in the future, we will never be able to get that car.

Meanwhile, SCG 003S Championship event is out, and players had different tire refill time ranging from 19 minutes per tire to 3 hours per tire. On Sept 24th, Gameloft seemingly fixed the bug and everyone now has a tire refill time of 3 hours each. The previous Porsche Carrera GT Championship had a tire refill time of 2h24min each only. Before that, the Championship refilled 5 tires per 8/12 hours depending on the duration of the event. Without spending any tokens, it is now impossible to get even 315 trophies to get the engine box, let alone 342 trophies for full reward.


Gameloft, please stop doing this. This is pointless, and you are forcing old A8 players to quit. And they won't join A9 either because this is not how a good company treats its customers.

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