Save Asphalt Xtreme, bring back the development team before it's too late

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It has been months since Gameloft stopped releasing updates, and pulled out most of their developers for Asphalt Xtreme, to simply put it, the game has been going on a downhill spiral with soft updates becoming less and less frequent, which causes less content being released to the players, and as a result less and less support is going to the game, and now players are beginning to leave the game. Many people that started playing from late 2016 to early 2017 have now left the game, making it a shell of what it could've been.

However it's not too late from saving this game from an early death, I don't think that it is fair that development should be halted at all, Asphalt Xtreme is a game that has a lot of untapped potential, and if we can convince GL to bring back development to the game I know that we can achieve this potential and Asphalt Xtreme could not only be a great game, but it could also get back the players it lost, and this would benefit Gameloft as a company because more players will equal more microtransactions which is more profit for Gameloft, thus a win-win situation for everyone.

The main thing Gameloft needs to know that they will have is that they must have a lot of people willing to show support for Asphalt Xtreme, by bringing as much support for the game, we can convince GL that bringing back the development team to Asphalt Xtreme and reviving the game will be in their interests only as long as there are many people willing to show their support by playing the game, and purchasing in-game items, Gameloft is corporation after all, and a corporation's main role is to make profits for themselves and their investors. Gameloft believes that the development of Asphalt Xtreme is not profitable enough, but signing this petition will help convince Gameloft that they are missing out on profits if they just leave the game in its current state.

Gameloft, if by circumstance you are reading this, I implore you make changes to how you function as a company, we understand that you must make profits, but think of the long term effects instead of the short term, by ending development now, you are missing out on future profits that may have came from Asphalt Xtreme if you developed it further, the reason for why Asphalt Xtreme is not profitable enough is that it has some fatal gameplay issues, not because of the concept of the game. I guarantee you that if you bring back the development team to work on fixing core gameplay issues this will not only bring back consumers and profits that will continue to provide you with monetary gains over a period of time. It would also strengthen your reputation as a brand, which is very important in this industry as brand reputation can affect your profits and can lead to more hype and excitement generated for future games. 

If you sign this petition, let as much people as possible know, the more people you can convince to sign the more weight this petition carries. Together, we can help save Asphalt Xtreme from certain death. As long as we work together we can achieve even the most difficult of challenges! 

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