Return to the trading method prior to update 23 of the March Of Empires game

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After the update 23 of the game March Of Empires, the trade that is a method of obtaining useful resources for the progress of the game was limited to 10 exchanges, when you do that 10 exchanges you must wait 30 minutes to make 1 exchange more. Before you could do all the exchanges that you would like according to the resources and the time that you have available.

These limitations imposed in this update 23 of which they did not explain why they did, ruins the gameplay and competition that the game provided, with this request we want to ask them to change their mind and leave the shops as they were.

The new method of trading is boring and very slow, the 10 deals that can be made do not provide more than minutes of game and in exchange you have to wait another 30 minutes to make a single exchange more. It's ridiculous and unplayable! It is rumored that this change is to stop the use of external programs that automate this task of the game, but know that external programs do not get tired of playing, people do get tired!

In the case of many players trading 200M of resources before the update would take 2 hours with an average trade of 1M resources per march, but with the current method that task would take 100 hours. I do not know if you can see how ridiculous this is! The game could not work like that, to do something that used to be 2 hours before, you should play more than 4 days!

What were you thinking about when they did this? If this petition works and you get a good amount of signatures I hope you rectify and change this absurd idea.