Gameloft should fix actual bugs in the next update in Modern Combat 5

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Here is a list of bugs:

  1. Squad battle random errors and stacked players, 3 years old, customer care ignores
  2. Forced spectator bug, mid-match suddenly you cant move or do anything anymore, since update 18
  3. Frequent game crash, suddenly it force closes without warning, since update 18
  4. Chat randomly disconnects and you can't message anymore (both global and squad chat), 3 years old, customer care ignores
  5. Falling through the floors of maps (bug), map glitches (bug) and maps quality low compared to newer maps (observation), the bugs are also years old, customer care ignores
  6.  Dogtag search doesn't work, a few months since i noticed it, customer care ignores

These bugs need to be addressed, we are playing a game a lot of us PAID for, and all they are doing i their updates is just adding new ways of scamming more money from us, but do they ever fix anything???? Nope, and customer care just ignores us.

Game interface improvements (chat):

  1. We need to be able to copy messages from others by selecting their message and copy it
  2. We need to be able to MUTE some players for our own device, so that we dont see their messages anymore
  3. We need the chat to support EMOJIS, 2017 but cant send emojis what is this man....
  4. We need the chat to be faster ad more reliable

Game interface improvements (mail):

  1. We need an OUTBOX, to see messages we sent ourselves
  2. We need another category, to be able to store certain mails of choice

Customer care improvements:

  1. We need them to listen
  2. We need them to not ignore
  3. We need them to read closesly before replyig, to prevent replying something IRRELEVANT and wasting our time
  4. We need them to always tell us the result of an issue we brought to their attention, IT IS OUR RIGHT TO KNOW

Basically we need them to treat us like the customers we are, not the braindead sheep that they scam and then never look back to.

More details on point 4:

They need to tell us if they are going to fix a bug we brought to their attention or not, preferably also tell us why not if they won't fix it. They also need to tell us whether they punished the hackers we report or not, and again if not then tell us why not. No personal information needed, "They got punished" or "They didn't got punished because your evidence lacks to show........" are fine, see no personal information.

For more information check my youtube channel BRUHItsABunny, I will have a video uploaded by the name "Make Modern Combat 5 great for once..."


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