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Petition to Change the Rewards in Multiplayer

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We, the Community of Asphalt8 from the Gameloft Forum and Google Plus, are calling for a change the Rewards in Multiplayer Mode.
We think that these are not up‐to‐date and several things are missing.
We demand the following changes:
1. Free Upgrades for all Car Classes (D,C,B,A,S)
2. Blueprint Boxes With three cards (usually, rare and legendary)
3. Specific Boxes for Engines, Mid.‐Tech and Advanced Tech.
4. More Nitro Starter, Tuning Kits, Double Credit Boost and Extra Tank.
5. More Tokens Rewards
6. Free Fuel Cans for Events
7. Higher Credit Rewards:
We think credit reward should be relative to development of each indivisual person: for a guy who is in level 85 of mp it should be 150k (at least) and for a guy in level 1 should be like 15k. As we don't know what is the level of person when he reaches the credit reward, it can be shown as a credit box (or golden beer box without stating the real amount of credits in there. E.g. 20000 × sqrt (mp level) could be a good reward: it is about 180k for level 85 and it is 20k for level one or 2.

8. Change of the Points calculation

We ask you to put our suggestions into action so that Multiplayer Games in Asphalt8 become more attractive to us and the fun of the game remains.

The Communitys of Asphalt8 from Gameloft Forum and Google Plus 

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