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Change the Christmas Car from the 612 to the PROJECT 7.

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Hello guys. Last week, I made two posts and three polls, and I received some negative feedback. I understand this. And I will get to this at some point. But right now, I want to focus on one issue.

Let's be honest; this update is a massive disappointment. The Rip Rod looked like it might be king; it only really challenges the 959. The Bone Shaker may or may not be actually good. The Twin Mill is terrible. The Yamaha we know nothing about. The Trezor isn't king. The Tuono is from last update, and if it has been buffed (it should go 500km/h with supercharged) it still barely hits 300mph, and it might not hit it at a rank where it is actually usuable. The S1000RR could be good for MP (at rank 1372 it hits 430km/h with TK and Supercharged), but the TVR and Camaro go faster, are more stable and even though they have slower acceleration, they will still destroy the BMW on long tracks AND on tracks that don't have lots of ramps. Compared to the 2015 Christmas, 2016 Christmas was a joke and even still, 2017 Christmas is a massive joke in comparison to 2016.

And then the biggest disappointment of them all. You know what it is. The 612 Spaghetti. Nobody wants the Spaghetti. It costs 325,000 credits, and, let's be honest, only noobs don't have it. Most people even gotten the DC from its mastery too. Every year, we have gotten new cars in the Christmas cup. The NSX 2005. The SLK 55 NE. The M2. Honestly, I have the Acura but I would rather win that again then the Spaghetti. Last week, the vast majority of you said in my poll that you didn't want the 612 to be your Christmas

On this issue, we have to rebel. We have five days to get Gameloft to change their minds. Earlier, I asked you to pick between the F-TYPE PROJECT 7, the Design Torq and the 612, as these are reasonable requests and sensibly you chose the F-TYPE PROJECT 7. So, that is what I am asking you to ask Gameloft to give us for Christmas. The 612 is a joke that nobody is laughing at. Please. Sign my petition, and save Christmas.

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