Game Of Thrones - SEASON 9 [with repaired plot]

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Iron Throne:
The throne destroyed by Drogo was a replica of the Mad King.
Aerys II, always cut when sitting in it, and was said that the Throne was cursed.
The original (of the books) is hidden in the citadel.

Bram, The Broken:
After 1 year as King, he relinquishes the title to try to play his role as three-eyed Raven within the Citadel,
But the Citadel does not recognize him as Corvo, but accepts him, to try to put a new King in Porto Real.
Tyrion Lannister keeps secret about the resignation and tells the council that the King is sick in his bed.

Daenerys Targaryen:
Drogon took her to Valyria, and the mother of the dragons was saved by the Red High Priestess "Kinvara".
However, as a side effect of the healing ritual, it loses part of its memory, and does not remember that it was in Westeros or even the immaculate.

Jon Snow:
He returns to the wall with Tormund, and the daughter of Mance Rayder, to alert the patrol of a new threat called: Varamyr Six Peles.
Varamyr is supported by the Thens and a new Lord of Bones. They survived the Nightwalkers continuing the Craster agreement.

Jaime and Cersei Lannister:
The moment Tyrion finds them in the rubble.
Podrick arrives at the scene and checks the bodies, and discovers that Jaime is breathing, but with difficulty, because several bones have broken.
And Cersei, torsse blood, but also alive and less injured than Jaime, who at the last moment protected her with his body.
Martyn and Willen Lannister help them at Tyrion's request, and take them to Castely Rock to be treated and hidden.

Plot Greyjoy:
Yara lost the iron island's leadership position to her uncle Victarion Greyjoy in a new "assembly" organized by her uncle Aeron Greyjoy, brother and adviser to Victarion. As the three hate the late Euron, she agreed to join them .

Plot Martell:
Arianne and Quentin Martell are introduced to the plot.

Plot Griff:
Jon Connington is a traveler from Essos who is looking for Dannerys Targaryen, he believes Danny is still alive, because no one has ever found his body, and accompanied by a young man with violet eyes and bluish hair, the two travel with false names, if identifying as Griffs.