Add Aryan To The Banned Wordlist In Pokemon Products!!

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In Pokemon games there has been for quite some time now a list of words that have been banned from being entered into any player fed field. This is done to ensure offensive words or ideas are not rubbed in the faces of those playing a game that Game Freak, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo all insist is meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages and identities. 

Yet they have never made moves to stop Nazism, white supremacy, or the brand of hate known these days as the 'Alt-right'. Want to know how I know? Last night I received a Wonder Trade from a Canadian named 'AryanNation'.

If you aren't a white supremacist or Nazi (slightly different ideologies sharing a core set of beliefs) what positive meaning can you get from AryanNation? 

What about freedom of speech? Well, there are plenty of words on the banned word list that I don't believe need to be there but are offensive and negative enough for the vast majority to be deemed inappropriate. 

You guys are private companies, you can add Aryan to the banned word list because I bet if you did polls or market research of your global audience you would find that the majority of them only associate hate, and violence with the term. 

If you are a white supremacist who plays Pokemon who would get upset that you are 'being picked on' I'm not trying to prevent you from being a white supremacist in real life. At worst I am making it so you have to actually be clever when doing your naming so perhaps I really have wronged you by doing so. Thinking is hard. 

If Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokemon company love the Western audience enough to sell their products to us, and their re-issues and their digital re-issues of re-issues then they need to respect us enough to put terms like Aryan on the banned word list.