Get Game Freak to buff Girafarig

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Girafarig needs to be better. Just look at these stats. Now you may be saying to yourself, "Who cares I didn't even know that was a real Pokemon" and I'm gonna tell you why you should care:

  • Girafarig is a palindrome. It might as well be called 'race car' or 'A Santa Lived As a Devil At NASA'
  • It's got a Chain Chomp lookin ass
  • It's a psychic type that's immune to ghost, making it only weak to bug and dark types
  • Girafarig has been around since November 21, 1999, and people hardly know it exists. I'm probably one of it's like 3 fans
  • Buffing Girafarig's stats to relevant levels would make Pokemon much more fun for everyone involved. Know why? Leech seed and spore suck. Know what eats that shit and gets stronger for it? Sap sipper. Know what has sap sipper? Motherfucking Girafarig does

Also it's a giraffe with a chain chomp on its butt more people should be aware of this thanks

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