Movement for Ethical Game Production; A Lifetime in Games

Movement for Ethical Game Production; A Lifetime in Games

October 1, 2021
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Started by MEG-P Lifetime in Games

Movement for Ethical Game Production

A Declaration of Expectations from the Future Talent to the Global Game Industry

We, the future talent of the global game industry, assert, in fearless solidarity, this ultimatum to the present industry that the time for real change has come. We want to transform our craft into a place of respect, inclusion, and fairness for the greater benefit of our games, our audience, and our own long-term well-being. 

We want to let the global game industry know that we are in it for the long haul. We want to be in this industry until retirement, but we will leave if our own industry mistreats us and abuses our passion for what we do.

The current game industry is losing incoming talent within five years of them joining because they see other industries will treat them better. This limits and suffocates our industry’s creative potential.

The game industry can become a forerunner in supporting employees by consciously creating work environments that support and empower developers and other staff.

A diverse workforce that is built on a culture of inclusion will lead to an industry that rises above stereotypes and tropes. How we treat colleagues within our profession shows our principles, and sets the foundation for our societal role - as providers of entertainment, as educators, and as creative practitioners. 

Ethical game production should be at the core of our industry, and we must all work together to incorporate this into our practices and make sure it stays in place.

We ask that companies and institutions recognise the pivotal position they find themselves in and seize the opportunity to make positive change which has the potential to ripple throughout our world. We must seize the opportunity to become leaders in this, to become an example for other creative industries by making real and tangible change.

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Signatures: 132Next Goal: 200
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