Change "When the fun stops, stop" gambling message because gambling addiction is not fun.

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The current advertising, which is not seen enough on television seems to say that if you have a problem with gambling, just stop. Apparently, it's as easy as that, when it stops being fun, just stop. But when you have a gambling addiction, there never is any "FUN" it's all worry and anxiety, yet the current advertising almost jokingly describes gambling addiction as something we can just stop. Take stop smoking adverts for example, they denote somebody smoking and their organs failing, pictures on packaging now denote images of dead bodies and people killing their unborn children by smoking when pregnant - this is much more effective in my opinion. The real issues that are caused by gambling addiction are missing rent or bill payments, losing your house or possessions because you can't afford to pay a loan you had, letting your kids or people you love down because you can't afford to go out for dinner with them because you have gambled your pay packet, the domestic violence caused by the sheer anger the bookies bring out in you by facilitating your problem. This should be reflected in stop gambling advertising. Also, online gambling companies filling all the advertising space during the world cup or any other football event with odds on the next goalscorer and welcome offers etc needs to stop, talk about provoking some innocent person who may have just given up gambling and is watching the football, to then have some odds shoved in their face whilst watching the television - it's disgraceful and needs to change, fast.