Betting shops to not serve customers who are intoxicated and lack the capacity

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So I have been trying to support my partner for years with his gambling addiction but he only gambles when intoxicated, the amount of times I have been in the BetFred bookmakers to get my partner out and have seen so many drunk punters spending all their hard earned money and the staff just sit by and allow them to waste it, I feel betting shops should not be allowed to serve a customer if they are deemed to have lost capacity to understand how much they will be spending , I want people to really see how betting shops make so much money as they take it from intoxicated customers. I care so much about this because I have seen my boyfriend go to work every week and earn a great wage and then give it all to the bookmakers, my personal opinion is that staff at the bookmakers should turn the customer away when it’s very clear the customer can’t make a rational decision. Please please please sign my petition to have restrictions put in.