Support safe cycling to school in Ballinderreen, finish the N67 cycle track

Support safe cycling to school in Ballinderreen, finish the N67 cycle track

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Galway County Council

Why this petition matters

Started by jennifer troake

Galway County Council are currently conducting a feasibility study on the completion of the N67 cycleway between Kinvara and Ballinderreen. As you may be aware the cycle lane runs out approximately 800m from the village of Ballinderreen. The N67 road is very busy and has a lot of traffic especially early in the morning when children are going to school. Although some families do cycle to school with their children many feel that the road is too dangerous. This is especially worrying for parents when children need to cross the road. The existing cycle track crosses the road 3 times between Ballinderreen and Kinvara, this is a major deterrent which I’m sure stops families choosing to cycle to school with their children. Now (in the early stages of the design) is a great time to consider the best practice cycle track design for the last 800m stretch of cycle track.

What We Want the Council to do?

Do not make the cycle track cross the road, keep the track on the east side.  Connect the cycle track into the back of the school so that children approaching the village from the south do not need to negotiate traffic in the village. This could be achieved by

1.      Continuing the cycle lane behind the petrol station or

2.      Provide a bike parking rack and having a short footpath behind the petrol station.

If we want more people to get out of their cars and use more active methods of travel we need to get cycle and footpath infrastructure right. Please add your voice to this petition to urge Galway County Council to complete the N67 Cycle track, in the safest way possible, Thank you

376 have signed. Let’s get to 500!