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Galveston County Animal Resource Center - Texas City, TX: Stop the senseless killing of salvageable animals!

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The Galveston County Animal Resource Center needs to be held accountable for the heartless, senseless destruction of precious lives, such as was the case with Sabrina.

"Sabrina” (as she is now lovingly known), pictured above, was a stray dog which had wandered onto a residential property in Dickinson, Texas on June 10, 2013. She was emaciated and missing some of her fur, but she was still mobile and seeking out human kindness. Fortunately, the home she wandered up to offered her food and water, which she consumed and, undoubtedly, greatly appreciated. They also reached out to others to get Sabrina additional care. Unfortunately, although we were committed to helping her, animal control got to her first.

On the afternoon of June 11th, she was picked up from the Dickinson residence by Galveston County Animal Control and taken to the Galveston County Animal Resource Center (“GCARC”) in Texas City.  She was logged into their system at 3:37 p.m. that day.

On June 12th, at approximately 11:00 a.m., I received a phone call from a fellow friend in rescue alerting me that (Sabrina) was being held at GCARC. The facility, I was told, had already been made aware by 9 a.m. that day that our organization, Triumphant Tails, Inc., would be pulling her to get her to our vet for care that afternoon.

By 11:15 a.m., I called GCARC myself to make arrangements to get her picked up. I was told by GCARC staff member that since she had “just come in” her “hold time” wasn’t up yet so she wasn’t sure she could be pulled by us that day. I requested that she seek immediate approval for me to pick the dog up on a medical release. She said she would talk to the manager and call me back to let me know if that were possible.

An hour later, I still hadn’t received a return phone call. I called GCARC again and was told that they were “very busy up front” and that my best bet was to come to the facility in person to inquire. I loaded up a crate, packed a care bag, and headed their way, arriving shortly after 2 p.m. When I walked in, I was again told that immediately after my call they got “busy with adoptions” and they hadn’t followed-up to seek management’s approval for the release of the dog. The gal went in the back to talk to the manager and came back about 3 minutes later with horrible news: the shelter had already euthanized her.

THSC Section 826.33 B(2) of the Galveston County Animal Services Local Regulations and Rabies Control guidelines states, in part, as follows:  “… All animals seized will be held in impoundment for a minimum of three (3) days.”

What happened to the mandatory 3 day hold period?  The records now reflect that this dog was logged in at 3:37 p.m. on June 11th, and euthanized at 3:38 p.m. that same day. GCARC did not bother to take the time to thoroughly assess this dog before deciding she wasn’t worthy of living based on her aesthetic appearances alone. She had already been euthanized prior to our phone calls to them. Clearly, a lack of communication and record-keeping exists at this facility for us to have been told the day after this dog was euthanized that she was “still there”, when in reality she was already in their freezer.

We were prepared to pick her up and to pay for all vetting expenses. Emaciation and skin conditions are NOT a reason to kill an animal. We’ve had several dogs in our program suffering from both, and all of these dogs are thriving today.

Although initially the manager, Amber Adams, who must approve all animals being euthanized, claimed she knew “nothing about it”, she now claims that the dog was euthanized because she was in “very poor condition”, yet the dog was able to stand, walk, eat and drink on her own. If the infamous Patrick (the Pitt Bull from New Jersey) can survive starvation and a fall down a garbage chute from the 19th floor, we are certain that Sabrina could have survived, too. She had a rescue group willing to take her and a vet appointment already scheduled. The only thing standing in the way of her new life was the needle she received at the hands of the callous humans who disregarded her life completely.

They believed that a stray dog in Sabrina’s condition wouldn’t be missed.  Who would notice if another stray were killed by them in order to save space without giving this dog a second thought?  What they didn’t realize at the time they picked this helpless animal up was that Sabrina’s story had already gone viral on the internet. The whole world was watching them, and her. She was not a dog that didn’t matter. She was a precious being who should have had every right to live.

We need to demand accountability for the actions taken against this helpless dog, and so many others at this facility, who are not being afforded a chance – EVEN when a rescue group is willing to take them on. The senseless killings at this facility NEED TO STOP.

Please join us in being a voice for Sabrina. There are so many other dogs just like her in danger. We need answers and accountability. Management needs to be scrutinized for the numerous poor decisions they are making with respect to the care of these animals each and every day. We are the only voice the animals have.

PAY ATTENTION GCARC! What you are doing to these animals is NOT OKAY. We are asking for an investigation into this matter and accountability as to the lack of implementation of policies and procedures as mandated by your rules and regulations, something you clearly refuse to follow.

Thank you for your support!.

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