Allow Halloween costumes/parades to continue in all Galloway Township elementary schools.

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For many years children and families in Galloway Township have enjoyed a long standing tradition on Halloween. Children were able to get creative and excitedly decide what they would be that year. For just one day they would get to go to school as a princess, a ninja, a police officer, a doctor, a baby, Harry Potter.......the possibilities were endless and their excitement and joy could not be measured. 

Teachers would have Halloween parties for the students in their classrooms. Parents would send in treats like cupcakes, cookies, fruit salad and vegetable trays. Parents and family members who were able to would volunteer to come in and help pass out treats, read a Halloween story or perhaps help the children create a fun craft.

Finally.....parade time! Students and teachers each dressed up in their own unique costume would stream through the doors while songs like Monster Mash played on the speakers. Outside parents, siblings and family members would look for their own little monsters, wave, clap and take pictures. Many parents in the crowd attended the same school as their children do now. They themselves dressed up on Halloween and marched around years ago in the same Halloween parade that their own children are now doing. Pure happiness, joy and the innocence of childhood can be seen on every single face. 

Children grow up fast. They have so many difficult situations and issues to navigate now at such a young age. But days like Halloween let kids just be kids. To have fun, use their imagination, be creative, make life long memories with friends and family. If administration has specific concerns then lets work together to find a solution. If we as parents, teachers, community members and the board of education commit to putting children first then we can find a way to make Halloween a safe, fun and memorable holiday for the children of Galloway Township. 

Please sign and share this petition if you support keeping our schools Halloween traditions alive. 

Thank you for supporting the children of Galloway Township!