Allow Halloween costumes/parades to continue in all Galloway Township elementary schools.

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Thank you!

I want to thank every single one of you who signed this petition in support of our children. Last night, I attended the BOE meeting and formally presented them with the petition containing all of your signatures. I was able to tell them why WE want costumes and parades to continue in our elementary schools. Honestly, they seem like they are not willing to budge, but I'm not giving up hope.


Reading through all of your comments under "I am signing because ..." brought me to tears. And gave me hope. Hope in this world. Hope for our children's future. All of you care, and you were willing to put your names out there all in support of children.

While I do not know what the future holds as far as Halloween  celebrations in our schools I do know one thing. I know that each of your voices matter. I know that every single one of you has something in your heart that you deeply care about. Something you think of and wish you could change. 

I want to encourage everyone who signed this petition to find one cause, one idea you have in you that you feel would make this world a better place. It doesn't matter if it seems impossible to you. Even if it feels like this thought of yours could never possibly mean anything. I want you to hold onto that hope and make just one step forward. Do something with it. Anything, even just sharing with another person what this thing in your heart is. YOU have a voice, everyone of you. You each have things within you that if you can find the courage within yourself and let that spark out it can start a fire. A fire that can bring change, hope and love to our world. 

Together, WE can bring change into our world. Thank you for your support.

Peace & Love,



Kelly Billings
12 months ago