Behind Closed Doors: Gallaudet University and Deaf DNA Genes

Behind Closed Doors: Gallaudet University and Deaf DNA Genes

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Jason Tozier started this petition to Gallaudet University and

Let's begin with the journey to eradicate Deaf genes. Please read the description written by Gallaudet University below:

This project is a collaborative effort between Gallaudet (Biology Program, Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics) and the Department of Human Genetics at the Medical College of Virginia to establish a large repository of DNA samples from deaf individuals and their families. These samples are screened for common forms of deafness and then made available to other investigators for studies of hereditary deafness. 

Principal investigators:

Arnos, Kathleen S. --Science, Technology, and Mathematics -Gallaudet University

Nance, Walter E. --Virginia Commonwealth University



Will Gallaudet University be remembered for the major hub of destroying Deaf Gene DNA to make all the agreements with National Institute of Health (NIH) for providing all the information collected by DNA samplers who used Deaf people for marketing purposes intended to advertise false hope? Where did DNA exactly come from the horse's mouth (first hand information) and why it is not prohibit personalized privacy information of Deaf people? National grants? Where did they get RAW DATA? 

What kind of implicit bias that would impact whole Deaf community? Ensuring fair, unbiased, and non-discriminatory policing in Deaf community on whose self-interest authorization: The release of DNA information to the public given by Deaf people wherever they were aware or not even aware of the real purpose for DNA research? RAW DATA?

To impose restrictions on Deaf people and make the very existence of the Deaf disappear, Deaf human beings must surrender, by the lies, manipulation, and bribery. There can be no justice unless subjects submit under a common power.

Dr. Kathy Arnos of the Biology department, who established the Genetics Program at Gallaudet in 1982. Doing its job for Gallaudet in the watchful eye of NIH. Whose the primary responsible for the whole thing? "What are the Ethical Concerns of Genome Editing?" by NIH writes:

"Researchers and ethicists who have written and spoken about genome editing, such as those present at the International Summit on Human Gene Editing, generally agree that untill germline genome editing is deeded safe through research, it should not be used for clinical reproductive purposes; the risk cannot be justified by the potential benefit."

It was early 1980s where Deaf people come to Gallaudet College (now Gallaudet University) campus to sign a form of consent and donate blood, before donating blood, they were informed whether they have Deaf genes or not. Humans tend to be extreme by nature; thus, exploiting lack of ethics. All for the potential benefit.

However, ethics often cloud on judgments. Did Gallaudet students really understand by heart and critical thinking once they agreed to sign? Did Gallaudet students read the English classics, like "1984" by George Orwell before they came to the campus and safeguard their Deaf genes? What about the ethics in the broadest sense of critical thinking? What did they do with Deaf DNA banks? Where did it go?

"The lack of linguistic and cultural concordance places the population at high risk for poor research engagement and inaccessible informed-consent processes and research materials."

Let's take a good example of an egregious example of cultural genocide:

"In accord with the ethical principle of beneficence, the key is to ensure that genetic research in hereditary deafness maintains its focus on the acquisition of scientific knowledge and improvement of deaf people's health, not simply on the elimination of deaf people."

Then explain the abortions of Deaf fetuses and it is now the human genetic engineering of Deaf embryos--a dangerous zone. 

Why? Inaccessible informed consent. Where was Gallaudet University? It was published in 2013. Hiding?

"Since most deaf children are born to hearing parents, it seems likely that deaf culture, and intermarriages among those born with deafness will recede during this century. Will future critics view this as one of the medical triumphs of the 21(st) Century, or as an egregious example of cultural genocide?" 

The answer: Considering that parents have already been using genetic counselling to abort their Deaf fetuses at least 13 years.

19 years ago, Prenatal diagnosis for inherited deafness--what is the potential demand? was published. 

"Six percent of deaf, 11% of hard of hearing and deafened, and 16% of hearing participants said they would consider a TOP (termination of pregnancy) if the fetus was found to be deaf."

Who was president of Gallaudet University when the DNA repository began in July 2001 and ended the DNA repository in September 2018? Who was on Gallaudet board in 2000 and 2001? DNA repository is sponsored by NIH and National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NICD).

Water Elmore Nance, one of principal investigators, wrote an abstract:

"The goal of this proposal is to establish a large respiratory of DNA samples from 2,000 deaf probands in multiplex and simplex sibships. A sequential screening strategy will then be used to identify new genes for deafness. Candidate genes to be screened will include the human orthologs of murine genes for deafness and other members of gene families in which some are known to be the cause of deafness. The research subjects will be ascertained from an Annual National Survey of Deaf Students at Gallaudet University along with the students from the University."

Since Nance wrote this statement, receiving through funding agency--Year 2000: $529,602 for the next five years.

Between 2001 and 2018, Vinton G. Cerf and Donna K. Sorkin joined Gallaudet University Board of Associates in November 2010. Alan Hurwitz was the president whom he appointed Cerf and Sorkin to the board. Cerf was a strong philosopher of genetic therapy while he was on the board.

Vinton Cerf's commencement graduation at Gallaudet University in 2015, he spoke in his own words: "Stem cell and genetic therapies will almost certainly become commonplace in your lifetimes." Coming from a life time Alexander Graham Bell winner.

Let's not forget Deaf community's biggest nemesis: Alexander Graham Bell (AGBell) and its stakeholders on Gallaudet campus. There were former AGBell board members. Including Hurwitz. As we should safeguard ourselves whoever the board members are, we should be on the lookout, no matter what. 1988 and 2006, many Deaf students and alumni learned their mistakes, then 2010, fell asleep.

What happened to the Gallaudet Board of Associates? Is it hiding in the closet making it look like they are disappeared, but...they're still there, are they? How much power do they influence Gallaudet University today? That is the question we need to seek for.

Eliminating of Deaf Genes DNA is Alexander Graham Bell's best friend. Did Alexander Graham Bell earn huge profit from Gallaudet University right on its own sacred campus where Deaf people got suckered, fooled, and exploited like guinea pigs?

What would the results like in 2019? Because it is a taboo subject, there is a definite danger in allowing violation of ethics. We cannot predict human behaviour, but do we not want to admit it? The information uploaded by DNA database, the future tense of Deaf is in bad shape, as ethics falling in danger zone to profit from cultural genocide. The violation of ethics model is largely ignored, and the exploitation of Deaf people is addressing a major problem. Indeed, it is a human crisis.

"In Brave New World, Huxley's anti-utopian novel of a future built upon genetic engineering, Mustapha Mond, the Resident World Controller for Western Europe, states, "Every discovery in pure science is potentially subversive; even science must sometimes be treated as a possible enemy. Yes, even science"

".....genetic research will face a loss of confidence from the very community that it presumes to     benefit...."

"......When the medical and scientific communities praise genetics as a revolutionary new tool to cure or eliminate....Genetics, as currently defined, practiced, and presented to the public, reinforces the stigma of disabled individuals as defective individuals."

Recently, in June 2019: In Russia, five couples whose generations of Deaf lineage, had been agreed to do a project what is known as gene-editing babies to destroy Deaf DNA samples. It is only beginning. Remember, it was warned, but fell asleep after 2010. What happened?

Once again, Rewind to 1980s on Gallaudet campus, did Deaf people give blood knowingly fully accountable of the DNA? It may be unforgiving, indiscriminate, and a hate crime. People of the Deaf in walks of life would have to deal with being trapped into a cultural genocide playing with DNA samples.

Let's take a look at The Human Genome Project:

The Human Genome Project has already fueled the discovery of more than 1,800 disease genes.

As a result of the Human Genome Project, today’s researchers can find a gene suspected of causing an inherited disease in a matter of days, rather than the years it took before the genome sequence was in hand.

There are now more than 2,000 genetic tests for human conditions. These tests enable patients to learn their genetic risks for disease and also help healthcare professionals to diagnose disease.

The Human Genome Project was established two years after 1988 DPN and completed in 2003. Genetics, Disability, and Deafness conference at Gallaudet University in same year, 2003. From Paddy Ladd, author of Deaf Consciousness---How Deaf Cultural Studies Can Improve the Quality of Deaf Life:

"In any given society, people participate in belief systems that hold that the ways in which their own societies operate could be improved. By "improvement," we mean a higher quality of life for all, or for most of the people in those societies. And by "quality of life", we mean a growth in self belief, equal respect for others, the fullest possible participation in that society, and so on."

Exploiting DNA research on the "higher quality of life of the Deaf" is a hate crime. It begins with a noble intention in mind, ignoring the facts, to lead hate crime attitude toward the life of Deaf that hinders the intent of their own human rights.

While it serves as a lasting monument to a monumental mistake, and hate crime is to compel cultural genocide to deal with harsh conditions. Gallaudet University was built as a sacred ground of the Deaf, first and most foremost. We need to stop this kind of practice of unconscious bias and hate crime.

"Social scientists used to believe that intergroup contact almost inevitably promotes tolerance and harmony, that prejudice is literally a prejudgement used by the members of one group to characterize another in the absence of firsthand information."-- Jack Levin and Jack McDevitt, Hate Crimes Revisited: America's War on Those Who are Different

It is not what Thomas Gallaudet wanted in his vision for Deaf education in his own namesake of the University. Laurent Clerc would think the same way. We should learn from this one:

"This legacy, as indirectly described in Lane's When the Mind Hears, is carried forward by the champions of the following generations, Thomas Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc, who deliver it unto the New World: a new identity. The genesis is claimed. It is a new birth: the "origin" of Deaf culture."--Owen Wrigley, The Politics of Deafness

We must hold National Institute of Health (NIH), and Gallaudet University for the most shameful DNA exploitation and bias of the Deaf existence in the history. Hate crime is a serious matter. We need to put a stop to this practice and stop using Deaf as lab rats and save a lot of money to focus on higher education instead of eradicating Deaf DNA genes. 

Will Gallaudet University disconnect its relationship with NIH, and AGBell? 

In all of solidarity, your signature would be supportive and save the culture of the Deaf!

Link: What is a good example of hate crime about DNA?


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