Save Professor Myers

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Mark Myers
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Dr. Myers is one of the top, brilliant professor in our program and it is well-deserved. This is a petition that is started by First-Year Master of Public Administration students. Mark Myers has several years of experiences of teaching. We, students, have found out that Dr. Myers will be on a termination leave. We do not agree with this decision that was made by the administration. He has been through several appeal process to avoid this decision, he has tried everything to fight to stay here.

Dr. Myers, himself, teaches 3-4 classes a semester while most teachers at a graduate level only teach 1-2 classes. While he teaches several classes, the classes usually max out 16-18 students in the class. 

Dr. Myers has a strong-positive evaluation performance. Several students and alumnus have mentioned that Myers is one of the favorite teachers in the department and KNOWS how to teach. Students have mentioned they have given a very good rating and is confused why the administration did not take their evaluation seriously.

Dr. Myers is Deaf, we need more Deaf teachers to support us and allow us to look at him as a role model. Without him, there is not as strong Deaf professor like him.

Without Dr. Myers, they will replace him with someone that either Deaf or hearing, as long they have a Ph.D. in Public Administration. We do not want to deal with someone who uses an interpreter and have to rely on audism in our own university.

This may not impact you, but this impacts Dr. Myers, the current students, the students who will come in next year, and future students.