Loblaw Stop the sea of plastic packaging

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A recent CBC Marketplace segment Jan 11 2019,  hilights the plastic waste problem in retail grocery stores.   Walking into a Loblaw , Shoppers Drugstore, Zehrs or Superstore is an upscale experience, with generally great products... However, one flaw is glaring, with every trip.  A sea of plastic packaging makes daunting shopping  for any person who cares about our planet.  Most of this single use plastic packaging is not recyclable and will be sent offshore and improperly disposed of and/or burnt.  The latter will produce carbon pollution. Much will end up in our waterways and oceans. It has been reported that  now  more plastic is circulating in the world's oceans by weight than fish and other sea creatures.  While Loblaw has made efforts for sustainability in their own product line, far more needs to be done.  Efforts made in the United Kingdom, by Thornton Budgens groceries, introducing 1700 sustainably packaged items within 10 weeks time, prove  this problem CAN be addressed.  By choosing and encouraging less invasive and eco-friendly supplier products and packaging,  Loblaw can show greater and more effective corporate responsibility for our planet.  Please start on this campaign by creating, encouraging  at least one PLASTIC  FREE isle (1700 products?). Current and future generations  will support and reward your actions.