Galen fraud company

Galen fraud company

5 July 2022
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Started by Yogesha Dk

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GalenPartner #SCAMMERS @digitalscammer

 Hi people, We have came across one digital scam named done by #Galen Partner across @India

 many people I found has been scammed and their hard earned money got lost! We want to held #CBIenquiry against this group of people who scammed ppl! Please start investigation.



I have joined the Galen Partner on 18th March 2022 and till date I have invested more than 4Lakh rupees on Galen Partner. 


After the first investment I have been asked to join the Group named as Galen888 through whatsapp link.


And also they have share the Authorization letter of Galen Partner India. Along with this they have shared the address of Galen Partner India Office. 


And from the very next day in our Galan App Balance has started to come and we can withdrawal the amount once it reaches Rs.105.


For every withdrawal they have charged 4.7% tax too. To do withdrawal from Galen they have asked us to entered our Bank details on their app under the Bank account Information, kindly find the screenshot for the same. Galen Partner is dealing with various Medical equipment and claim about renting this equipment to various Medical institute, Hospital and Personal.


Till 24th June 2022 the withdrawal is coming to our account.


And any withdrawal request raised after 24th June 2022 has stopped crediting in our account. And then all our money got stuck in Galen Partner App.


Firstly Galen Partner started to say that there are 10 Million of transactions in a day so bank is taking time in our withdrawal so you need to wait as your withdrawal is in queue!


Then after waiting couple of days we have asked them over the whatsapp that why withdrawal is not coming then they have said that you need to buy Tax certificate to pass the Bank.


Then they come up with ATM Card device in which they have listed various ATM Card device with preferred withdrawal time, so if you have purchased the Ordinary card then you need to wait for 72 Hour for withdrawal.


Even after this they didn’t stopped and then they came up with Ream Member Card in which we need to verify our account and after doing that they have share the group link in which all active members are present.


Even after doing this they have asked us now to Buy the Bank Attorney Power to start the withdrawal and asked to take the printout and do signature and share with them!


So from 24th June 2022 all the withdrawals are stopped and our amount got stuck.


We are also attaching the number of few Galen Partner who say that we are working here from last couple of Years in Galen Partner. We used to be in contact with the Person named as HIMANI and KAMALA and others his/her number is:

+44 7859624941

+44 7312869050

+91 6269304419

+44 7830634238

+91 7389697888

+91 8901810732

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Signatures: 99Next Goal: 100
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