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Jul 25, 2014 — Hello Flyffers!

Thank you so much for your love to Flyff. We are so surprised! :O

I am afraid to say that the project Flyff 2 has been canceled due to the company's situation. However, three Flyff mobile games are coming this year, and one of them has been just released in South East Asia - Flyff Puzmon!

*Download from Google Play

If you are in South East Asia, you can download it from Google Play. Of course it will be also released in the worldwide market including USA and Europe in August.

This is puzzle one, and another RPG one - Flyff All Stars - will be also coming in a couple of days.
Meanwhile, please enjoy Flyff Puzmon and its launching events.

1. Launching Event - Jul.24 to Aug.2 (UTC)
2. Surprising Gifts from GM! - Jul.24 to ? (UTC)
3. Clear the Last Dungeon & Get Super Prize!
a) Episode 1 - Jul.24 to Aug.2 (UTC)
b) Episode 2 - Jul.24 to Aug.12 (UTC)

We also have our blog and Facebook page. Please visit and share your opinions to Facebook page anytime. We are all ears.

*Facebook page:

Again, thank you very much for your love to Flyff. We will do our best not to disappoint you any more! :D

Best regards,

Gala Lab