Address Water Crisis in India.

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Aishanee Pattnaik
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Water crisis in India is a cause of major concern, something that the government has recognized by creating the Ministry of Jal Shakti. However, with the ongoing climate emergency crisis it is important that water mis-management is duly addressed by this institution and steps are taken to prevent this country from running out its significant resource, which according to predictions may be less than 5 years away. 

While Chennai may have been draining out of groundwater, a major reason for the water crisis is due to mis-allocation of water. Most of India's ground water is used up in crop production, something that garners is great profit in our exports, but pushing it to a level above the demand and supply gap it taking a toll on our resources. There is no regulation on the business specific water. Moreover, we are at a stage where efficient urban planning, water retreatment, and water harvesting is not a luxury, but a need. 

While it is imperative that addressing climate emergency might stunt the economic growth of the country, but it is crucial to understand the an economic expansion of India is not something that our depleting resources can afford. To look at the bigger picture: preventive measures, taken to address this crisis will definitely be more economic than post-crisis measures.