Reinstate LaToya Shuler!

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On March 23, 2018, U-ACCESS student welfare coordinator, LaToya Shuler was terminated abruptly without any warning nor any explanation as to why she was terminated. Students who utilize U-ACCESS were never involved in the process before taking this abrupt decision, even though her primary job was supporting students and the primary purpose of the office is to serve students. Not only were students not involved in the process, students were never properly notified of her firing. Students called a meeting April 5, 2018 which resulted in an email April 6, 2018 that still did not specify she was fired. The details of her firing were unacceptable and disrespectful to her as someone who has rendered valuable service to the university in her capacity at U-ACCESS.

Additionally, the way Student Affairs notified UACCESS students of the termination, and their responses to students’ concerns, and their attempt to run and re-structure the UACCESS office was highly disrespectful and silencing, with Student Affairs specifically telling UACCESS students they had no right to be involved in any of the changes within this office.  The termination of LaToya was and is very disturbing to the 350 plus students who utilize the services of the office and were greatly supported by her work. The approach by which the administrators made this decision makes us feel that the administration does not care for the many students facing crises, nor do they understand how to meet the needs of a majority-minority student population. When the administrators took this decision, there seems to have been no plan, leaving the office with no one to assist students, and bringing in staff for a few hours randomly who sit in but have no capacity or sensitivity to fulfill the duties that were necessary.

Due to their neglectful decisions, and apparent lack of understanding of how to adequately serve a majority-minority student body we are hereby calling for the IMMEDIATE REINSTATMENT OF LATOYA SHULER AND TO CEASE THE FOLLOW-THROUGH OF A NEW VISTA AND TEMPORARY HIRE.


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