More emergency response vehicles for Dandenong

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On Saturday the 10th of March at 4pm I quickly ducked to the grocery store with my family for an hour. While we were out, someone came through the Tirhatuan reserve lifted our back gate off its hinges used a screw driver to break in through our window by breaking the lock open (window was only just cracked) and proceeded to rob our house. When we arrived home after only being gone a short time, we noticed before we entered the house that it had been broken into so I waited holding our 1.5 year old daughter on the phone to 000 while my husband entered the property. Luckily they were gone at that point but while we were still investigating our house and belongings we heard loud noises from next door. We knew our neighbors were out of town for the weekend and assumed the thieves had proceeded to break into their property and told the police to please hurry. After a 2.5 painful hours of waiting the police finally arrived only to apologize and inform us they are also painfully understaffed and that there is only one emergency response vehicle for the whole of Dandenong.

This is clearly not good enough and knowing that means if my emergency is not as potentially threatening as another, I too could be waiting for hours in a potentially life threatening scenario. This must change! It is the second time in two weeks I have had to call 000. The first time there was a car traveling up the walking path in the reserve at 100km per hour. We were having to let fleeing people through our back gate away from the danger and to safety and it took 15 minutes for them to arrive. How could one Police vehicle possibly cover the whole reserve in a scenario like that? 

Please sign and help us get more Police response units in Dandenong.