Minister Upton sack Michael Nagi and Paul Sedrak

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Michael Nagi (Liberal, Mascot Ward) and Paul Sedrak (Liberal, Port Botany Ward) are completely unfit for the privilege of public office.

On Monday 18 June 2018 both Councillors were involved in a brawl at a chicken shop owned by Michael Nagi. The brawl was allegedly over a Liberal Party internal matter.

Never before has our community been so humiliated by the people who claim to serve it. It is bad enough that neither of these men live in the community of Botany Bay (Nagi lives in Bardwell Valley and Sedrak lives in Bexley) but now they have engaged in unconscionable, disgusting conduct and brought shame to the good people of Botany Bay. 

The Liberal Party has done the right thing and disendorsed their branch. However, that isn't good enough.

Paul Sedrak and Michael Nagi were only elected to Bayside due to the Liberal Party gerrymander that is "Bayside".* The Berejkilian Government created this problem - the Liberal Party need to fix the problem they created and sack Councillors Michael Nagi and Paul Sedrak!

*Boundary changes and a reduction in quota meant Liberal Councillors were elected to serve areas where Liberal Councillors had not previously been elected.