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My name is Julie Stern, I Iive in Vaucluse and own small business in Bondi.

I am emailing with regards to a DA submitted by JCDecaux to relocate the bus shelter from it’s current location 100m down the road to directly in front of my business so they can continue to use the bus shelter to sell their advertising space.

My small business is Best Life Fitness. It’s a small fitness studio that focusses on providing Fitness Classes and Personal Training for Older Adults in the community.

It is a relatively new business, only just getting established and this would significantly affect my ability to grow and continue to provide this service to the community.

The proposed bus shelter would completely block my gym and all the gym signage  from view of the passing traffic.

The truth is that the majority of my leads come from people driving past. Many people phone and say “I drive past your gym every day and think to myself I need to call and I’ve finally got around to it”.

If there was a bus shelter in front of the gym they would never see it and that constant daily reminder would no longer be there.

I employ two staff members who also relies on the generated leads for their ability to earn an income and another member of the Jewish Community, Steve Denenburg, owner of Plum Fitness rents space in the gym to train his older adult clients as well. 

Further more and possibly even more importantly, pedestrian safety is also of major concern here.

When I initially took the lease out on the space, my landlord Max encouraged me to keep the steel white safety fence that he erected after when on two seperate occasions out of control vehicles mounted the curb and crashed into the building at exactly the spot where this proposed bus shelter is planned.

So I am also concerned for pedestrian safety having the bus shelter there as a target if for some reason a car might lose control because of the nature of the curve of the road.

A huge amount of pedestrian traffic walked up the road everyday, people walking to and from the junction and the train station, mothers with prams, families walking to shule on Saturday and even cyclist use the footpath regularly. I’d be concerned about them trying to all pass each other between the shelter and the wall and the bottleneck it may cause.

People may opt to to walk onto the road to bypass the gridlock, bus shelter and all the people standing around waiting for the bus. Or perhaps a cyclist being forced to ride close to the gym entrance to pass behind the shelter and accidentally knock over one of my clients as they exit.

There will be lots of people waiting for the bus and many more trying to pass behind the bus shelter to walk to the junction all blocking the entrance to the gym creating an unsafe environment. It seems like a recipe for disaster!

The bus stop is under a great big tree which provides shelter and people are more than welcome to take shelter behind the fence under my gym awing if it is raining.A better alternative would be a couple of benches against the wall if the bus stop was to remain there or move the bus stop and the bus shelter about 70m up the road towards the junction.