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Confining Cats to their Owners Property

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Cats should be governed by the same rules that apply to all other pets.

i.e. They should be confined to their owners property!

It has been proven that cats that are kept on their owners premises live longer and healthier lives, away from the dangers of attacks from animals and being killed on our roads.

Why should other peoples lives be negatively impacted by cats that are allowed to roam where ever they please.

Here are a few examples:

Fighting cats keeping people awake at night.

Killing native wildlife and other peoples pets.

Digging up people's gardens to deposit their faeces - which actually carries toxoplasmosis - a disease that causes birth defects.

Farmers are constantly putting down deformed offspring due to this disease being spread by the feral cat population.

The stench of their faeces and urine permeating throughout a neighbour's house.

Dog owners are required by law to clean after their pet - why should cats be allowed to deposit their pooh where ever they like.

The Companion Animal Act was reviewed recently and unfortunately we were not able to convince the minister at the time, that this was in the best interest of the community. He decided it would be better to spend money on educating cat owners on the benefits of keeping their cats confined to their owner's property - I am yet to see anything with regard to this. He also said it would too difficult to police, which I found amazing in this day and age when everyone has a mobile phone with a camera.

It is time for legislation, not education!



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