Qatar Labor 2022 World Cup problem

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If you have not heard about the 2022 Qatar world cup problem then keep reading. In Qatar there are people commit suicide because they are tired of working to make the stadium for the soccer tournament in Qatar. Please read on if you would like to learn more about what I want to do about it and more of the tragic things that are happening around Qatar.  

The reason why I am writing this is because I want to raise awareness to you and your friends and your family and other people around  the world, 

Although we love the soccer world, there are many bad things happening at the moment. In Qatar, there are people constructing stadiums, and of course they want to get paid, but they don’t. The families get paid 50,000 $ if the workers die or commit suicide, which is ridiculous. Another reason why there are a lot of deaths is because of the heat and the amount of time the workers work in the heat. According to ,The Evening Standard's article by Richard Parry October 2017 Qatar might be losing the privilege of hosting the world cup because of the horrible conditions. This is quote is from The Evening Standard's article written by: Richard Parry October 2017 : Prem says: “My family is now homeless and two of my younger children have been taken out of school… every day I am in tension and I cannot sleep at night. This is torture for me.”

This is what I would to  make it better,

Let’s raise awareness among the people and especially the people that are watching the world cup. We can do this by writing informational posters and sending them to the football clubs and their fans. This is how they will understand about the horrible situation and at least be aware. Let’s also try to connect to newspapers and news reporters and try to make this situation more public hoping that the Qatar employers will change their opinion and improve the working conditions for the hired workers. We can do this if we work together!


In our opinion this topic about Qatar world cup labour is horrible. It is very terrifying to research about this topic because of all the negative events such as, suicides and constructors dying. I also found it very unfair that the workers don’t have many rights. They can’t even leave the country or quit the job of constructing. You can only leave the country when there bosses give you permission. If I was one of the workers, I would feel so bad and sad. I don’t even know if I would be able to work so much on constructing anything in the extreme heat. If I was in charge of this situation, I would let the workers get paid because they should also have their own rights. There is reason why all the other workers get paid, except for the workers constructing the world cup stadiums. If I was in charge I would let the people quit the job if they want to.   

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By: Egor Shikhov, Olivier De Mil, Amelia Shannon, Uma Clegg, Gabriel Marceron, Alex Vilcu, Izabela Zlatanova