Let's ban plastic: glasses, cutlery, plates concerts music,bars,restaurants by the oceans

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Plastic in the sea harms marine life and is arguably one of the biggest threats to the natural world today. Human life is in dangerous too because people eating fish, fish with plastic. Something must be done about it.Blood tests in the US show plastic in the body of people in high percentage.

The consumer is not simply going to stop drinking in plastic cup and use straws. Therefore the change needs to come from higher up in the chain.

Some countries like France are being the first to ban plastic. We want Portugal mark the difference and be also the first in the fight against the negative impact of plastic on our planet.

Urging all beverage brands, bars and restaurants managers, organizers of international and national concerts such as "Festival de Avante", "Rock in Rio", "NOS Alive", "Superbock Super Rock", "Meo Sudoeste", for lead the way to a new environmental promise by eliminating plastic straws, glasses, plates and cutlery. This will be a significant and achievable step in what could be an important move in eradicating the use of non-recyclable plastic.

The solution is to use reusable plastic cups and plates, of vegetable origin. Stop using straws. In this way, we reduce the use of plastic that can take 400 years to degrade in nature.

Let us stand together to make a positive change for our oceans, the marine and human life, that is dying as a result of our irresponsible actions as human beings.

It has been suggested that if nothing changes, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We cannot let that happen.


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