Stop STEAM from releasing video game "Active Shooter"

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The gaming platform STEAM, which is owned by VALVE and operated by Gabe Newell, is planning to release a video game on June 6th called "Active Shooter".  The game is a first person shooter game taking place in a children's school, where the shooter goes around killing children.  You can pick to be the S.W.A.T. team or the active shooter.  You get points for how many people you kill.   At this time, we are grappling with getting a hold of the out of control school shootings and death of so many innocent children and teachers.  This game is beyond appalling and unacceptable.  It is unfathomable to me how the company Valve could, in their right mind, find this acceptable in any way, shape or form.  It's nothing short of deeply disturbing that a company could be so unethical and without any accountability for the well being of our society.  They are a disgrace and are metaphorically spitting on the graves of the children killed in school shootings.  We have the power to stop this game with our voice.  We must realize that the school shootings go way deeper than guns.  It’s like chemistry.  Many separate elements on their own are not lethal, but when combined with others can become deadly.  Games like this combined with a culture of toxic social media and bullying,  lack of proper mental health services and easy access to guns is a bad chemistry mixture for young people already struggling with their mental health.   Please support me in my quest to STOP the release of this game.  Thank you.