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Remove Firewatch from steam and any other comp Santo games

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As the gaming industry progresses and relies more and more on streamers and video makers to advertise their games, should those who black list certain individuals, abuse laws, and the copyright system to censor and/or bully streamers they disagree with be allowed to sell their product through a company that has benefitted so much from Streamers and Video Makers? 

Using a DMCA takedown on someone because of their speech, after giving everyone a free pass, is disgusting and disturbing content creators which have made content from your creations. Will they be next because they said something that the Administration of Campo Santo disagrees with? 

Personally, I find this disgusting. This should not be how a company acts and treats those that make them money. It isn't about what was done that caused the public outcry, but what the response was to it. 

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