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I live in an estate in the Kutunse-Satellite community which is under the Ga West Assembly and also falls under the Amasaman Constituency. Our community is a residential zone with at least 5 gated estates and a lot of families.

About 6 months ago, we noticed the conversion of a warehouse into a factory. It is said that the factory is into the production of tomato paste for export. The factory started operations about 4 months ago and we noticed that it discharges smoke into the atmosphere from its machine. Aside this, it also creates a lot of vibrations which disturbs houses close to it. 

We wrote to the Environmental Protection Agency with our concerns and the factory was directed to stop work. A week after the order was given we saw that the factory had resumed work again, going against the directive of the EPA. 

We have been in touch with the Municipal Chief Executive of the GA West Assembly and he has basically told us  that he cannot do anything about this as EPA is the government body that has given the factory the go ahead to resume work while they meet certain measures to mitigate the negative effect of their activities on the community.

But the discharge of the smoke and the strong vibrations of their machines still persist and we are gravely concerned of its effect on our health and our homes. Already some neighbours close to the factory are complaining of respiratory health issues and the vibrations are causes cracks to their houses.

Also, black particles are settling on plants and on top of parked vehicles close to the factory. 

A creche which was operating in the area before the factory started has had to close down due to to parents pulling their kids from the school over fear of the effect on the pollution.

As if this is not enough to worry about we have to deal with huge container trucks which deliver stuff to the factory on our road. The roads are are not designed for huge trucks and due to this, our newly constructed road is deteriorating. Aside this, the trucks also pose a serious safety risk to other road users.

We believe the siting of this factory in the heart of a residential area is wrong and I would like you to sign this petition to get the government to have the factory relocated. This will ensure that we protect our environment and the health of the people in my community.

Lend your voice and support to our cause to stand up for what is right and protect our community and environment.

Let's be Citizens and not Spectators.

Thank you.

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