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     We are the GOP of Georgia.  We support the 2nd Amendment and support our hard-working GOP leaders.  We voted them into office because they hold the same conservative principles that we do.  In response to the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, just one of many mass shootings in recent years, it is time to acknowledge, however, that the gun laws in our state have become far too broad.  Georgia has some of the most liberal gun laws in the country with surprisingly few restrictions.  We make it very easy for the most destructive assault weapons to end up in the wrong hands.  

     Democrats are calling for changes in the Republican leadership in this country and in our state in an effort to get gun reform legislation.  But changing our party leaders is not necessary...our own great Georgia legislators can reform our gun laws right now and protect the lives of children.    

     Our Senators, Governor and Representatives genuinely want to hear from their constituents to know what is important to them.  Let's send them the message that gun reform in our state should be their top priority!

     We say:

YES! to Reforming our Gun Laws (Including Laws for Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles)

YES! to Mandatory Background Checks for ALL Gun Purchases and to Closing Loopholes

YES! to Raising the Minimum Age from 18 to 21 for Assault Rifles

YES! to Bump Stocks Ban

YES! to Keeping Current Federal Requirements for Silencer Purchases (Including a Comprehensive Background Check)

YES! to Magazine Capacity Restrictions 

YES! to Improved Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Services for Mental Health

YES! to Reporting Mental Health Information to the NICS Index

     Let's close the loopholes and figure out a way to curb the sale and distribution of assault-style weapons. In the short-term we need to pass immediate legislation to require NICS background checks on all gun purchases, raise the minimum age for assault rifles, ban bump stocks and restrict magazine capacity. 

    The state of Georgia has:

     A minimum age of only 18 to purchase military-style assault rifles, like the AR-15

     NO waiting period to purchase firearms

     NO permit requirement

     NO registration requirement 

     NO licensing of owner for owning a gun 

     NO magazine size restriction

     NO background check requirement when purchasing a gun privately; on-line, from a non-licensed dealer at a gun show or from an individual.  Background checks are required when purchasing from a licensed firearms dealer.  

     Ask yourself...Why do high school kids, not even old enough to vote, have to be the ones to get our gun laws changed?  That should be our job.  Let's do our job...



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