Bring Back the Junior Swap Program for the Current Sophomore Class (Class of 2020)

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When choosing what college to go to, we - the Bentley University Class of 2020 -  were told we would get a computer as a part of the mobile computing program, covered by the technology fee that we, as students, pay every semester. We were also told we would be able to get a new computer when entering our junior years, as a part of the Junior Swap Program. this would allow us to have the best technology at our disposal and keep up with the times.

We now have suddenly been told that Bentley believes they can use our money in better ways and has taken away the junior swap for all current sophomores. Doing this will leave us with our one choice of a computer that will be outdated in another two years and might not fit the needs of our classes and jobs.

Please sign this so we can show Bentley that we think our money is best used for updating our laptops by bringing the junior swap back; therefore, allowing students to once again pick which computer best fits their needs for the next two years at Bentley and beyond!

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