OPEN LETTER: G7 must rethink the hypocrisy of banning coal power for Africa .

OPEN LETTER: G7 must rethink the hypocrisy of banning coal power for Africa .

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World Health Organization document - 


*Around 2.4 billion people worldwide (around a third of the global population) cook using open fires or inefficient stoves fuelled by kerosene, biomass (wood, animal dung and crop waste) and coal, which generates harmful household air pollution.

*Household air pollution was responsible for an estimated 3.2 million deaths per year in 2020, including over 237 000 deaths of children under the age of 5.
The combined effects of ambient air pollution and household air pollution is associated with 6.7 million premature deaths annually.

*Household air pollution exposure leads to noncommunicable diseases including stroke, ischaemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer.

*Women and children, typically responsible for household chores such as cooking collecting firewood, bear the greatest health burden from the use of polluting fuels and technologies in homes.

Unfounded climate rules are the barrier to essential energy reform in Africa

"The long-term nature of climate is ignored & distorted by a fake climate crisis by the UN - when there is no crisis of runaway global warming. Earth has been cooling for 50m yrs & we are in an ice age." Clack









"However, over the past 50 years celebrating Earth Day has been used to celebrate pseudo scientific and anti humanist use of natural resources."



African nations must be allowed to develop cheap and reliable  fossil fuel resources especially coal to help bring electricity to 600 million living in the dark and lift their people out of poverty, Africa governments said at the COP27 climate talks in Egypt, which welcomed leaders of oil and gas companies sidelined at previous conferences.

Pressure to leave hydrocarbons in the ground has been weakened this year by the disruption following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that led to a surge in energy prices and pushed inflation to multi-decade highs.

But the recent G7 climate policy for Africa is ugly as it attempts to deny access to capital for coal power by the climate-obsessed bureaucracies in international financial institutions and government aid agencies like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and USAID.

COP27 proves that UN policies are intended to keep the poor poor, denying them access to fossil fuels.


This is hypocritical because the West industrialized predominantly with coal. Further, hitting African energy development is immoral in the face of the West reopening shuttered coal plants to meet the energy crisis triggered by Russia's diabolical war against Ukraine. 

Developing nations depend on cheap and reliable coal power to produce electricity, create jobs, and lift billions out of poverty.

"Electricity means life is better. And 80% of that better life in South Africa is from coal.  Yet, across Africa, 600 million lack access to electricity today. As a result, they are condemned to the worst environmental harm in the world from cooking and heating with dung and solid fuels, according to the WHO.

“When women are economically or socially empowered, they’re likely to spend less time in front of the hearth, or cooking, because instead they’re in school or working in the formal sector.”

"So when Europeans impose green energy policies on Africa, they do it with total ignorance of the Sleeping Giant. And by their total ignorance of condemning coal and nuclear energy, they condemn 1,4 billion people to a future of poverty when the majority of those 1,4 billion people do not use so much as one light bulb`s worth of electricity."

Africa has no business honoring any deal agreed upon at the #COP27; stats are crystal clear; we haven’t been polluting the globe and shouldn’t be asked to pay the price. Africa needs to industrialize using every single energy source available to us. #EnergySecurity.













Notwithstanding > 3 trillion climate change subsidies, Coal power remains and increases as the most efficient backup to renewables intermittency.

Our message to the G7 is back off this odious climate policy denying capital to Africa for coal power. Let the free market work in energy in Africa as it does in the United States and Europe. 

Poland told the EU, "The climate rules make the poor poorer." The G7 blocking financing coal does likewise.

Back Off, Oh Masters of the Universe

"Leave us alone, to prosper or not, as a result of our own choices; as a result of our actions; in the exercise of our own requisite and fundamental responsibility.

Leave us alone. Or reap the whirlwind. And watch the terrible destruction of what you purport to save in consequence."

Make the poor rich, and the planet will improve. Or at least get out of their way while they try to make themselves rich. Make the poor poorer – and this is the concrete plan, remember – and things will get worse, perhaps worse beyond imagining. Observe the chaos in Sri Lanka if you need proof."

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

“Sub-Saharan Africa is at the brink of a coal boom,” says Steckel. “This is partly driven by a ramping-up of Chinese and Indian investments after the domestic market for coal-fired plants is becoming increasingly saturated.” Plants with a total capacity of about one gigawatt are currently under construction, and others with a full capacity of 30 gigawatts are planned. However, half of the latter are now shelved."
Paul Burkhardt
July 7, 2022, at 9:00 PM PDT

In the rolling hills of South Africa’s Mpumalanga province, hundreds of builders, welders, and engineers are putting the final touches on a gigantic new power station set to burn as much as 15 million tons of coal a year until it is eventually shuttered in 2073. 

The 4,800-megawatt, dry-cooled Kusile plant and the almost identical Medupi facility, completed last year, will be vital to meeting energy demand in a country plagued by rolling blackouts since 2008. Environmentalists, however, caution that their continued operation will be a significant impediment to South Africa meeting its commitment to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions on a net basis by 2050. 

Coal prospects report for Africa show an exciting future.























Like an oversized 'dog in the manger,' the West tries to bully Africa into relying only on unreliable wind and solar, without fossil fuels and reliable coal power.  The G7 must back off this devastating and immoral policy against Africans. 



G7 urged Africa to seek financing for intermittent and unreliable wind and solar rather than develop coal power.  This is impossible as these renewables need coal and other fossil fuels for backup or storage.

Last week, Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser said that the world is now “transitioning to coal.”

Saad al-Kaabi, Qatar‘s energy minister, says: “Many countries, particularly in Europe, which had been strong advocates of green energy and carbon-free future have made a sudden and sharp U-turn. Today, coal burning is again rising, reaching its highest levels since 2014.”  THE WORLD IS "TRANSITIONING TO COAL."











Africa intends to to ramp up access to grid electricity with new power plants and reduce negative effects for 600 million living off grid in the dark. Household smoke from solid fuel cooking is "the world's deadliest environmental problem." China has invested heavily in new coal power development for Africa recently. 

However, the West is interfering hugely with African energy policy by the G7 conspiring in 2021, to block financing of cheap and plentiful coal power for Africa as a climate push. .G7 conspires to single out Africa alone and block financing of coal power for the grid.

This decision is unethical and hypocritical.  Millions in Africa suffer the worst environmental harm in the world because they use solid fuels such as dung, charcoal and wood for cooking and heat.  The only answer to save lives is to  finance much needed additional coal power for rural electrification.

Developing nations need expanded coal mining to produce electricity, create jobs, and lift billions out of abject poverty.

But they are denied access to capital by the climate-obsessed bureaucracies in international financial institutions and government aid agencies like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and USAID.

This is hypocritical, especially because the West industrialized predominantly with coal.

The reality is coal is the cheapest and best path to electricity for millions because there are major problems with solar and wind as alternatives. The irony of the bad G7 policy is that Europe is increasingly dependent on coal from Africa in the foolish dash to net zero.


Other European nations, lacking coal reserves (or unwilling to reopen long-shuttered coal mines), are now actively seeking to purchase African coal – despite decades of demanding that Africans eschew all fossil fuel development (and refusing to provide financing). Tanzanian coal executive Rizwan Ahmed says, “European players, after the Russian war, are going to any place where there is coal.  They are offering to pay very good prices.”

Jan Dieleman, who runs Cargill’s ocean transportation division, adds that, “Europe should be able to source coal and we will see very strong flows into Europe from Colombia, South Africa, and even further away.” 

The European demand for coal is so great that land-locked Botswana is now capable of selling its coal on the seaborne market. As Minergy CEO Morné du Plessis explains, “Earlier, the logistics would kill us. However, at current prices, we can make this thing work.”













Coal is not a dirty fuel compared with dung and other solid fuels.  Research confirms: Electric cook stoves reduce energy consumption and CO2 by 95%compared with traditional wood fuel cook stoves.

Therefore it is a mistake to think voting for a G7 rethink Petition is choosing between the climate and economic efficiency:

"900 million households have no alternative to wood or manure for cooking which is labour intensive, time consuming, has a negative effect on respiratory health and causes massive deforestation as well as vast amounts of CO2.

In fact you can honestly say that by building coal powered stations in southern Africa, you can reduce CO2 emissions!"












Time to end the discrimination. Global energy policy is reset by the brutal Russian war making energy independence the new priority. Standing Up to Putin Means Ditching Net-Zero  As a result nations are scrambling for more oil, gas and coal energy and less renewables.   Therefore, it is time to take a second look at earlier G7 policy slamming the door to fossil fuel financing for rural electrification in Africa as a climate push. Renewables are failing to be transition fuels because of intermittency without battery storage.


Sadly, recent radical climate alarmists are following the G7 attack on reliable energy from oil and coal but seeking a more immediate and radical end to fossil fuel power in Africa. Germany’s Fridays For Future Spokesperson Luis Neubauer  “We’re Planning How To Blow Up” African Oil Pipeline! By P Gosselin on 14. June 2022 Reversing this harmful G7 energy policy will increase reliable and much needed rural electrification in

Africa.White activists kicking Africans in the face?

We assume that Luisa and her crazed FFF radical group would be content to see poor Africans be denied even just a tiny fraction of the pampered life she herself is privileged to follow. She tells of the pipeline in the video: We’re going to stop that one.”

Radical white eco-fanatics of the FFF planning how to blow up major oil pipeline in Africa.

Everything has changed after Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine.The dilemma for the West: energy independence is the new priority and - 

You can't have energy security with an economy powered intermittently by wind and solar.

"Many countries now see coal as the most practical and speedy solution to energy independence.  Yet developed nations slap Africa in the face with the G7 edict to deny financing coal power development. The Rich World's Climate Hypocrisy policy against coal powered energy. WSJ

“We will need it [coal] until we find alternative sources. Until that time, even the greenest government will not phase out coal,” Václav Bartuška, the Czech Republic’s energy security commissioner, told news outlet Seznam Zprávy.

Coal makes a come back as best response to war.

The plan is to advance the petition findings in public discourse and hopefully embarass G7 leaders to reverse policy on financing hydrocarbon energy. See also -  RURAL ELECTRIFICATION SOCIETY .

The East Slams the West’s Climate ‘Colonialism’  discriminating in financing much needed power plants using reliable fossil fuels, especially coal. The G7 handicaps rural electrification in Africa and developing nations by denying coal power yet continues to  depend 5 times more on coal than renewables at home.  It is immoral climate colonialism and devastating for millions living without reliable electricity from fossil fuels in Africa, India and Asia “The colonial mindset hasn’t gone,”"Attempts are made to shut the path of resources for  developing nations to which developed nations reached where they are today." Modi - Indian PM. India depends on cheap, plentiful coal power for electricity and US also gains from major coal power plants.Bloomberg reported on April 25: “The world’s addiction to coal, a fuel many thought would soon be on the way out, is now stronger than ever. In 2021 the world generated more electricity from coal than ever before, with an increase of 9 percent.”

  Denying coal power to Africa is hypocrisy Mothers do manual work for hours, children lack electricity to do their homework, industries suffer breakdowns in production and lose millions of dollars from unreliable power. Cooking outdoors with solid fuels is the most devastating environmental problem today killing millions annually according to the WHO. It is time to stop the hypocrisy of the West and G7 denying the most valuable contribution to their economic well being - reliable electricity.  America’s Secret Energy Source: Coal   

China and India are given a pass under the Paris Accord GGH targets and they take advantage to push massive increases in coal power development.  Yet, Africa has a stronger case and is denied international financing? G7 action is inhuman and immoral whatever you think about the validity of climate change fears and UN predictions.  

The science of climate change is not settled and many extensive peer reviewed papers find invalid the theory that CO2 plant food is a so called invisible greenhouse gas that spews heat back into the atmosphere like a Chinese Dragon. The claim lacks veracity and has been often debunked as defying fundamental physics entropy and common sense. ABSTRACT: Because of this lack of tangible evidence it is time to acknowledge that the atmospheric greenhouse effect and especially its climatic impact are based on meritless conjectures. Dr. Gehard Gramm et al. The reality is CO2 is the invisible non toxic air we exhale at 40,000 ppm with every breath and is a miracle molecule vital to the growth of plants through photosynthesis.  

CO2 is wholly beneficial. The earth is not a greenhouse.  

However this petition is just as relevant to those who fully endorse the greenhouse gas  effect and human caused climate change thinking  CO2 is harmful. The real  issue is ending reliance in Africa on dirty solid fuels (dung, wood and charcoal) with grid electricity and any progress in this direction will be an immediate cut back in greenhouse gases emissions and a positive climate push .

"Extreme weather and climate events are something that needs to be dealt with independently of the AGW issue.  The world has always suffered from weather and climate extremes, and it always will; this will not change with further warming or with emissions reductions.


The policy implications of all this is enormous.  Unfortunately I suspect that the COP27 will focus too much on emissions reductions (which aren’t working and wont impact the climate in any event), and not enough on supporting development and adaptation for developing countries and most importantly supporting development in Africa by allowing them to benefit from their fossil fuels (other than by selling them to Europe).  With regards to the later, a shout out to Rose Mustiso’s recent Nature publication; Rose is my favorite African activist and thinker on this topic."

Dr Judith Curry














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