Pay raise and Hazard pay for security workers during COVID-19 Crisis

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Recently it has been announced that Essential workers such as those at grocery stores will be receiving a raise and hazard pay, while this is great for our hardworking friends and family in the food sector, our security guards at local hospitals still make min wage or barely over. Majority of security guards make 14.94-17.00 a hour depending on the post, we are asking that all security guards receive a raise and Hazard pay just like our friends and family in the food sector, like them we are “Front line” workers but unlike them we come into contact with people who test positive for covid-19 and those who want to be tested for covid-19 on a daily basis at the many hospitals across Canada that we provide security for! we are screening people alongside nurses upon entry to hospitals for covid-19 and separating possible covid patients from regular patients all while also attending to our regular duties, and while being critically understaffed.

security Deserves a raise!!!!

We risk our lives to protect the nurses and doctors who save yours!! 


ideally the fair change in wage would be as follows 

$14.94ph = $16.94ph + $2 hazard pay= $18.94ph

$15.00ph = $17.00ph + $2 hazard pay= $19.00ph

$15.50ph = 17.50ph + $2 hazard pay = 19.50ph

$17.00ph = $19.00ph +$2 hazard pay = $21.00ph