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G. L. Homes of Florida / Greystone to Pay for all Royal Palm Tree Removals and Damages.

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Ever since we purchased a house in Greystone, as well as other familes, it has been a terrible experience to have Royal Palm Trees planted next to our drive ways. The idea of having such a huge tree, which carries over 10-15 branches that weight 40+ pounds EACH, falling on our cars, and God forbid on you or your children, that could cause an immediate death upon the strike, is terrible.

These trees should have never passed the committee approval in the first place. Our household alone sustained over $2,000-3,000 on vehicle damages within the past year due to the branches falling off of the palm tree. Today, it was the last strike on our nerves. The cost to remove the Royal Palm Tree could range anywhere from $300 up until $700+, depending on the size, height, and other factors.

I could only imagine what kind of a law suite Grs Management Associates and Greystone HOA is looking at should your child be walking on a drive way when a branch falls and strikes them.

Now, we're told that we have to pay $25 to "request" the approval to "replace" the tree. No. This is not the way it should be. What this basically means is that they want you to pay $25 so someone can sign off, pay, let's say, $500 to get the tree removed, pay $500 to buy a new tree, and pay around $300 to plant that new tree. After you have already paid over 2 thousand dollars to fix the damages on your car. No. Again, no. Why should we be liable for their mistakes and yet we still pay HOA. And no, HOA fee should not be raised. Your mistake, your money. We, as the community members and homeowners, should not be liable for any of it.

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