To stay safe, prevent infection by retaining transport facilities from the school.

To stay safe, prevent infection by retaining transport facilities from the school.

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G.D. Goenka Public School, Dakshineswar

Why this petition matters

Subject/Re : Safety, exposed population created due to withdrawal of paid transport availed from GDGPS, Dakshineswar.

Dear Madam, 

We were disillusioned, crestfallen and disappointed to receive a very insensitive one liner "stating inability" to our repeated appeals through different channels of communication praying for restoration of transport facilities for wards who had opted for the same. We opted for GDGPS on the sole criterion of the school providing transport facilities since a large chunk of parent(s) stay out of town yet wanted their wards to be a part of one of the most prestigious school of Kolkata, GDGPS, Dakshineswar. We, understand cost constraints but we did our part by paying all dues of the schools (whatever was billed) for the entire year despite our wards attending school for only a few days. The Covid difficulties and risks are very well known to the GDGPS management and it remains the same for every single child attending school during this testing situation. We were happy with online classes and switching to offline mode (with school transport) previously was greatly appreciated. However, we are not very sure why, despite the CBSE Board making available an online system, the management has opted for the offline mode and has stopped school transport strictly. We are sure, you have welfare of the children in heart but are saddened to say conducting exams in offline mode without school transport only favours the local movement of students but doesnt cater to the majority of the wards. We are sure the management doesn't want to discriminate, wants all children to take the offline mode of exam but we are extremely anxious about the health risks for children and all their family members if they travel in "public transport" for all the scheduled days of exams and regular classes for this session.

 Finally, the following questions we would request to be answered since all the officials in charge of administration/transport have been behaving very harshly and communication is laced with irrationality and irritation:  

1. Have the children or their parents ever un-cooperated in any manner with the management?

2. If our children get infected with Covid using public transport and transfer their infection to parents and other family members, who would take the responsibility?

3. Why were the children not given the option of availing the online mode of examination when the CBSE Board has kept that option very clear and open?

 4. Is GDGPS telling us the parents of children to either lose 1 year in academics or come to school for the offline mode by public transport exposing them to infection?

5. God forbid if anyone gets an infection would not the other wards whether commuting on their own not be at a risk of infection?

6. Lastly, we request you to kindly allow our wards to take the same exam in online mode so that they remain stressfree and give their best, which I am sure the GDGPS management also wants.

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!