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FXX, Renew You're The Worst for S5!

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You're The Worst is an exceptional show on TV right now. It has a fresh take on modern relationships and it's able to portray the lead characters and all the cast as flawed but likeable people, in a way that it's Very real and touching. Besides that, It has tackled issues that are usually ignored by TV shows, for not being appealing enough - or so ignored by our society that few shows are bold enough to deal with it - , such as depression, PTSD and abortion.

But that isn't all: the cast does an amazing job and gives us moving performances. And finally, this show has a heart that can be seen from the first episode, during Jimmy's and Gretchen's first call, and has kept beating and growing for four years. It touches us, makes us laugh and cry, and shows that our flaws can be worthy of love, even when we don't think we do.

So we're very thankful for being able to watch YTW, feel the emotions that run through it, laugh at its jokes (that are sincere and real in a way few comedies can do), discover its awesome soundtrack (I mean, this show gave me half of my favourite songs)... and we hope to have a 5th season and how many seasons the story needs.

It is important to remind that eventhough finances and audiences are very important, sacrificing art is a crime to our history and our minds. And this show has not only a Heart, but also brain.

The crowd may not be huge, but it is loyal, and we hope this show can keep touching our lives.

Otherwise, we'll have to burst into FXX and yell "Hey, Dot-Dot-Dot" to some faces.

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