FWQ Riders Unite to Claim Undistributed Prize Money

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This petition has been created and is directed at the FWT/FWQ Management and the Evolution 2 Les Arcs 4* FWQ Management with the intent of securing the redistribution and return of withheld prize money to those competitors whose events were cancelled on 1st February 2020.  

As riders of the Freeride World Qualifying Tour (FWQ) we appeal the decision made by the Les Arcs 4* FWQ Organisation to refuse the return of prize money to competitors registered (and competed in) the categories of Ski Men, Ski Women and Snowboard Men because of cancellation. 

This money is being withheld by the organisation strictly FOR-PROFIT with no concern for the welfare of the athletes that paid their entry fees, paid their accommodations and paid for their travel to arrive in Les Arcs to compete in the competition. 

We, athletes of the FWQ Tour, also use this movement to request there be an official rule added to the FWT/FWQ Handbook that mandates individual organisations of events on the FWQ Tour, be required to return and split all prize money from categories that are cancelled without a result.