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Stop FVHS Asb From Going To Disneyland

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FVHS Asb resemble is the associated student body who leaves FVHS to great success. However, due to this very recent event, it can no longer stay silent. 2017 has been a crazy year for FVHS. Numerous problems that go ignored. Please read the entire story so I can explain why FVHS ASB's trip to Disneyland should not be funded.

Listen, I understand that they went to Disneyland already. But, because of that recent event. I am angry and I want to voice my opinions to ASB 2018.

30 ASB Students. $100 dollars per Disneyland ticket. You do the math. It's $3000 that could of went to benefiting the school. But it didn't. 

#1. Why do we even have House Of Reps.

In my participation in House of Reps, numerous issues about the bathrooms, the bell schedule, and many other things have been discussed for decades. I heard that some of the boy's bathrooms do not even have toilet paper. YUCK. If these problems are so reoccurring, why is nothing done with this? It's as if they write down our complaints and throw it in the trash. I am %100 percent sure the money used from the trip to Disneyland could have been used to benefit these problems.

#2. "but, we have 2 separate funds. 1 for the school and 1 for asb as a club" 
Do the restaurants the other fundraisers you do know that the funds that are made go directly to your Disneyland Ticket. Somehow, ASB can make $3000 dollars from fundraisers but, we can't fix our damn bell schedule. I have not seen ASB give back to any student run clubs at all. Where is the proof that ASB helped clubs? Where is all the money going to? AND HOW CAN YOU SOMEHOW HAVE $3000 LEFTOVER AND NOT USE IT TO BENEFIT OUR SCHOOL???

#3. "It's a team bonding experience"
Um ok??? Who is bonding with who? There is absolutely no educational purpose of the trip. The only people allowed on this trip is the old ASB but, not the new asb. That means, WHO ARE YOU BONDING WITH? The Seniors that are leaving FVHS ? The people who were in ASB this year but, go rejected for the next year? FVHS is still wack as hell even though you guys had this "bonding experience" for years. 
Don't use "bonding experience" as an excuse to skip class for a day and get a free pass to Disneyland. 

#4."we don't have the power to make changes."
okay. 3 thousand dollars can make a hell of a difference. No one has 3K laying around as leftover money. FVHS ASB represents the words of the community that was built in ASB but, you guys fail to do so. It's either you start listening to our complaints or just don't do anything (oh wait you already are doing nothing) Open your ears FVHS ASB. Welcome to your tape. 

#5. "um band and orchestra and physics and all these other school related stuff gets to go on their trips"
Maybe because they actually pay with their own money??? Instead of lying to restaurants and making fake fundraisers by saying it goes to help FVHS. NO, IT DOES NOT. IT GOES TO A DAY OF YOU SPENDING IT RIDDING ON THE MATTERHORN. 

#6. Clubs
I have seen so many clubs die throughout my Sophmore year. It's absolutely heartbreaking. Why is ASB allowed to put huge posters of their fundraisers and school activities but, an FV SCHOOL CLUB can't post a flyer about theirs. Academic or Not. All clubs deserve a chance to succeed and I have not seen ASB help at all. As a president myself, ASB has not helped at all. 

Why do clubs even have to fill out meeting minutes?
it's not like ASB actually reads it LOL. How about we use our time as clubs wisely instead of filling out a form that can decide our location at Springfest. 
Listen, I have nothing against ASB. They have their good moments and their bad but, I see the Disneyland trip as completely unfair to FVHS students. Why use $3000 to make 30 ASB students happy when you can use that money to make 4000 FV students happy.  

I don't expect this petition to make any changes. I do expect some people to share similar feelings like I do. I am proud to be a baron but, let's make the Baron experience better for all. 

I wasn't put on this Earth to stay slient and accept wrongs. I was put on this Earth to make changes and voice my word.

Signing off. 

A. N. 

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