Cease the support of admitted rapist CR7

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Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in the midst of a serious and substantiated rape case. In 2009 CR admitted to the rape of his victim, evidence of which is in the court proceedings from the time. However, CR coerced his victim into a non-disclosure agreement for approx $300,000.

Recently, thanks to the #metoo movement, his victim came forward to educate about her ordeal. Now a school teacher with nothing to gain but everything to lose, his victim has been doubted, shamed, and ridiculed. However, thanks to her bravery the case has been re-opened and CR is being investigated again.

Futsal Oz, a pillar of the futsal and sporting community in Victoria and around Australia, has just signed a deal to endorse CR's underwear line. Posting photos and videos of him in his underwear alongside hashtags such as "impacting lives" and "positive ways". Many members of the futsal community have come forward to express their concern, disgust, and outrage at the message this is sending to all those within the wide reach of the booming organisation. In defense of the organisation, they were unaware of the allegations when the deal was signed, however we believe that their actions do not reflect the severity of the issue, now that they do know.

Futsal Oz's culture and decision to continue to endorse this admitted rapist teaches all that the voices of victim's do not matter and that the perpetrators can continue as normal. It teaches those from the pre-school program (ages 3-5) all the way through to the adult social and elite leagues that sexual assault is not something to be taken seriously, in this community or otherwise.

When approached, Futsal Oz stated that they would not show the ads during the women's game. However, this just mirrors the idea that sexual assault is a women's issue, even though the victims are majority women, and that men can continue to live as through it does not effect them, even though perpetrators are majority men.

This is not enough.

We demand the deal be pulled.

Failing that we demand all profits from the deal go to a sexual assault charity.
We demand Futsal Oz run fundraisers and run initiatives to tangibly help the community they are so quick to brush away. To make tangible contributions to an issue they have not treated with the respect it deserves.