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With zero notice or warning, On May 18, 2020, the Furman Baseball team, its coaches and incoming freshman had the rug pulled out from under them and were told the baseball program, which started in 1896, was being terminated due to a financial shortfall.  We believe we could have mitigated this in some way, given a fighting chance. 

The chaos in the lives of all of these families immediately ensued.  The timing could not be worse.   Trying to find an alternate college at this point in time is near impossible.   The recruiting process is over for 2021.    Rosters are already bloated due to seniors having the option to stay on because of Covid, coupled with incoming freshman.   These boys are now scrambling to find a home, and all they really want is to stay right where they are, continue on the paths they were on, and reap the benefits of playing baseball for Furman.   The unique bond that was forming between teammates, coaches and families is uncanny and this team was headed for greatness.   Cut short this year by the pandemic, they were gearing up for next year, which was shaping up to look very promising.  But then the university dropped its bomb and severed this team at the knees.     

Please sign the petition and help any way you can to reinstate Furman Baseball.