Urge Furman University to listen to their student’s voices regarding fraternity houses!

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Ricky Asta
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Furman University has decided, without any input from Greek Life students or any students on campus, to force fraternities to get rid of their fraternity houses by the Fall of 2020. This policy decision is based on no data demonstrating that getting rid of houses will improve campus safety or health. Furthermore, this decision is not a reaction to any major events that have occurred at fraternity houses at this school in recent years.

Furman University already requires all students to live on campus for all four years, and this decision takes away the last remaining option for students to congregate together for free. No alternative meeting locations, housing opportunities, or congregation areas are being considered by the University at this time.

This decision fails to consider student perspectives, and is an overreaction to a problem that has not been demonstrated to exist at this university. This decision, if not reversed, will harm admissions, student satisfaction, enrollment, and Furman's national reputation. 

We know that not only fraternity men, but a large percentage of members of Furman's student body will be affected negatively by this decision.

Sign this petition to urge the Furman University Board of Trustees and administration to reconsider their decision, pending further data, discussion, and input from students.