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 As most "Steven Universe" fans know they have era 1 and era 2 funko pop dolls, the characters being as follows. Era 1: Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. This set up for era one was understandable because theyre the crystal gems, the main characters. But then era two came along. Era 2: Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Rose, and lion. This set up for era two is slightly unfair. The "homeworld gems" have always been the anti-crystal gems. Jasper, Peridot, and Lapis are considered a trio like Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. They parallel each other. Garnet and Jasper: The leaders. Peridot and Pearl: The "nerds". Amethyst and Lapis: The emotionally damaged fun lovers. These parallels have been shown in the show before. The arc between peridot and pearl. Lapis's portrayal of amethyst in "The New Crystal Gems." Jasper always fighting Garnet. It would have been pretty cool to see a Jasper funko. A lot of people in the fandom love Jasper. There are so many pages expressing their love for the character online that its overwhelming. Every other main character (and one side character) has had more merch than Jasper. The only official merch Doll of jasper is the Pint Size hero. It's a shame that a seemingly mysterious character like Jasper is getting neglected in the show and in the merch line. Every fan of the show has been pandered to except for the Jasper fans. Jasper is drawn in storyboard art a majority of the time with the rest of the gang so why doesn't she get any attention? Almost every show dolls have been made for there's a double (bonus costume) of a certain character, so it's not like it'd be going over some sort of limit. The profit would also increase insanely for Funko and Cartoon Network. For example, an Unofficial corrupted Jasper doll was made and put out on  by Renchanshop $130. Its now currently sold out. It sold out within the span of a week. So a Jasper Doll wouldn't just benefit the fans it would benefit both Funko and the whole crew involved in SU (including Cartoon Network.) So I'm making this petition to show a Jasper funko isnt only desired by one person but desired by many. After all buff women deserve love too.

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